She’s wonderful to talk to and switches up workouts to be both fun and challenging, willing and eager to help you achieve your goals. I gained not only a lot of strength, balance and stamina in our training sessions, but also a lot of self-confidence and knowledge that I could use in workouts of my own.
Laura B
Steph is amazing. She’s motivating and tailors her workouts to fit every individuals needs. She gets you in shape while making you laugh the entire time. She is super knowledgable about training and the body – whenever one of us has an injury or something feels tweaked, she takes her time to stay after and check out it out while offering advice on how to care for it. When Steph trains us, she makes the workouts interesting/fun, she makes time fly by, and she really works us. If you want results and a fun but rigorous workout, give Steph a call!!
Marissa G
Steph is our company trainer and has been great — I have seen great results in working with Steph and have implemented much of her teachings in my own routine when we don’t have the pleasure of utilizing her training
Evan W
I’ve worked out on and off for a couple of decades and have used a trainer before. But I’ve never ever felt as excited about working out as I do now that I’m working with Steph. She has creatively introduced me to exercises (and muscles) that I didn’t know existed. Her workouts are the perfect mix of “pushing me” but not “killing me”  And she keeps everything super-fun which motivates me to look forward to each session. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a demanding yet fun workout.
Nick Mehta
CEO  - Gainsight
I had the opportunity to train with Steph for almost 6 months and it made a great difference in my body! Steph is motivating and knowledgeable and classes are always different so there is no boredom! Besides that Steph is suuper nice!
Carla M
Stephanie has quickly become a trainer I’ve come to trust. It’s impossible to get used to the tenacious flow of Hyper Strength and Conditioning, but don’t let Stephanie’s calmer demeanour fool you — she’s just as tough as any other trainer the gym associates itself with. I took a couple of her TRX classes and one of her conditioning rounds, and they’re no joke. You’ll work parts of your body and joints you never knew you had. It’s a different kind of tiring and it’s awesome. She’s also super approachable for general questions as well, and she has awesome knowledge when it comes to injury treatment or prevention. Steph is an awesome person to get you started off on the right (or left) foot when it comes to your fitness goals.
Danreb V
Steph has been our NatureBox trainer for about a year and a half now. Her dedication and passion for health and fitness is contagious. Steph's training sessions are rewarding and she helps boost attendance and motivation which is always useful. Steph leads lunch workouts for us and it's a great chance for our employees to blow off steam in the middle of the day and come back to the office ready to work. I believe other companies would benefit from Steph's training - it's a great team bonding experience and it really does contribute to employee wellness.
Carrie Kalinowski
CFO  - Naturebox